What is a common mistake people make?

by Mija Cameto | Nov 8, 2016

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Q: What is a common mistake people make?

A: Repeatedly I see a determination for Zen, or Positive Thinking Only. I’ve seen many get sick from the resistance, denying the underlying needs for healing. I’ve actually seen several people pass from this dynamic. I honor each of them, no matter what they chose. We each are learning in our own ways, there is always purpose that no one else can truly know.

I have been told by many people I have a calming effect on them, that I have a very calming presence. I do experience Zen regularly, but I can tell you it is not because I choose Zen first. After years of exploratory work, allowing things to come to the surface, getting really honest and authentic within myself, sometimes experiencing roller coasters, then following guidance through frequency. This clears out stuck old dense energies, and this clarity is then perceived and experienced and enjoyed as Zen or positivity… after lovingly accepting myself, my strengths and weaknesses… my humanity.

In my experience, we can heal, and we can have Zen, just not by choosing the positive or Zen first and denying the rest. Through internalization, lower frequencies become various diseases and disorders. Even injuries and accidents are a form of energy expressing itself. It’s an internal dynamic, that seems external, because we are looking at it, like a car accident. But it is still an internal dynamic that creates the external experience, whether it seems to come from within or from outside our body.

Once through, then yes! enjoy Zen. And when creating new states, healthy bodies, healthy life, yes! positive thinking is very important. Finding ways to experience moments of joy, excitement, passion, or when we engage in things where time stands still… These frequencies are profoundly healing medicine.

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