Happy New Year, 2019!

Well this is exciting!! My first iMovie! What fun to finally try a layered interface of images, movements, transitions and sounds again… my last attempt was my first Adobe Flash project at a design firm about… 18 years ago! …WOW!

YouTube channel - X-Stretch

There are also basic videos about the 3 steps, basic meditation, and a fun ski video! I would love views, subscriptions, comments, all that good stuff! Just received a new lighting setup, and a microphone is next. Can’t wait to see what more is going to happen this year!

Happy New Year! And a new name.

Happy 2017! I'm excited to share the new name of Biocentric Healing (previously Self Guided Healing). Growing up in the world of science and medicine, I feel balance and harmony using the scientific term for "inside-out" reality, Biocentrism as coined by Robert Lanza, M.D., an incredible researcher, scientist, and author. And he's got just enough funny to let me know this guy is tuned in! :-D I'm loving it! Check out his book if you're curious. Much love, Mija

Author contribution to The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude

Earlier this year I was asked to contribute a chapter to a book called The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude. The book launch is November 17, 2016, just over five days away now! The publishers created a summit to ramp up Amazon best seller status, including interviews with the 27 authors from six countries, ultimately increasing exposure to these inspiring stories... our collective motivation. It's been a wonderful experience!


Book trailer:


Start of videos!

Excited to announce the beginning of Self Guided Healing videos!

Mija Cameto - Channel Description:
"After decades of illnesses, conditions, and injuries in every system and location of her body, Mija Cameto shares what she has learned on her healing journey, finding greater wellness than she ever believed possible. Discover how a shift in perspective in everyday experiences and deep unrealized beliefs can create profound healing opportunities."

Mija Cameto YouTube Channel →

Subscribe if interested, will continue to add videos!