Mija Cameto, CMT

CAMTC Certification #68843

Relief of pain and stress through integrated bodywork

Relax and heal with integrated bodywork sessions for the physical body and its subtle energy fields. I combine anatomically precise and overall systems massage with holistic awareness to cultivate deep relaxation states. My gift is offering a connection point to an unlimited source of wellbeing, intuitively assisting restrictions in tissue adhesions and energy flow to release, balance, and restore your body and mind's healing potentials.



3976 Durock Road, Suite 105
Shingle Springs, CA 95682

Use address for directions to street address, then continue to back of parking lot, Suite 105




$95 - Hour Massage
$125 - 90 Minute Massage
$155 - 2 Hour Massage

Gift Certificates available

$15 off - Any time, any reason


Hours and Contact Information

For available days and times please Call or Text for quickest response: (916) 769-9813
or Email me through the CONTACT page.


Experience & Specialties

I have 14 years of professional experience as a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT, 2004), as well as an additional 12 years of layman experience since my first circulatory massage class at UC San Diego in 1992. I was an assistant teacher of Myofascial Deep Tissue for 2 years and have accrued nearly 800 hours of basic and advanced training: Myofascial Deep Tissue, Functional Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue Release (STR), Trigger Point, Sports, Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu, Prenatal, Senior, Hospital, and Hospice. Additional training and experience includes Karuna and Usui Reiki (2002-04), Quantum Lightweaving, becoming an Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, and Diplomat of Earth Stewardship (2008). I've also gained priceless experience trading with other therapists and healers, flavoring my work with exposure to their modalities.

I grew up surrounded by and interested in western medicine, surgery, anatomy and physiology. My own long list of injuries, illnesses and conditions eventually expanded my experiences to alternative medicine and holistic modalities. The depth of wellbeing I've reached has been incredibly inspiring, to pursue and share. The result is a rich toolbox of techniques that present themselves as needed during my clients' bodywork and massage sessions. The most common feedback is how nurtured they feel, deeply relaxed, and how gently but precisely their issues were resolved or assisted. My appreciation to the teachers, clients, fellow therapists and healers of my life is beyond words. Aloha. Namaste. Thank you.



"Mija Cameto is the most gifted massage therapist I have ever had!" - MB, Placerville

"Mija is my "go to" when I am unable to fix myself; which is infrequent. Every time that I've utilized her services she identified the things that were preventing my recovery and provided very effective therapy. She is so masterful at what she does, complimented by her intuition, emotional tone and ability to "hear" complex sets of symptoms. She knows the body, mind and spirit across what are traditionally thought of as different fields; and she sees how these areas are linked, resulting in the way we experience our world. She is one of the few people I think of as a true healer. Additionally, every single one of my clients that has worked with Mija has expressed high levels of gratitude for getting connected with her. I don't have the words to give her a strong enough recommendation." - JD, Walnut Creek

"Simply the best massage therapist and all round healer that I've ever met. " - JH, San Francisco



"Mija is an incredibly intuitive mind-body healer. She integrates her vast knowledge the physical mechanics of our body with her broad training in mind-body connection to address each client's unique needs. I look forward to every session and leave feeling rejuvenated and lighter." - ME, Fair Oaks

"Mija is one of the most skilled, both technically but also intuitively, massage therapist I have ever known. I trust her 100% when it comes to having her as a part of my regular self-care program. Her ability to perceive and direct healing energy is a gift that everyone in my opinion needs to experience." - NK, Shingle Springs

"Mija is such a gentle soul, she knows how to work deep into your body in the most gentle yet effective way I have ever experienced. She really drives home the Mind Body connection.” - DF, Citrus Heights

"Mija is a gentle and compassionate healer with great intuition as she is working with her clients. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a powerful and yet relaxing massage and energy work." - SV, Placerville

"Mija is a treasure. Her work is meaningful, transformative, and yields real results." - CC, Placerville

"I have known Mija for many years. She is a person of high integrity who genuinely wants to heal her clients. She is an excellent massage therapist and brings to her work an understanding of the human body and medical knowledge. I highly recommend Mija." - DY, Sacramento

Yelp Reviews

"Mija has a very intuitive way of finding the "trouble spots" and applying the just right technique for relief and relaxation. She has a special gift for this work and it shows in her enthusiasm and results." -- TC, Rocklin

"I have been going to Mija for massages for over 10 years, as she is the best! She has many different massage techniques and skills, and always seems to know exactly which one I need at the time. I highly recommend her!" -- CB, Placerville

"If you want to feel like you are entering heaven's gate, be sure to experience Mija Cameto's healing massage work." -- MK, Rescue


More about Massage

Massage is something that many people can't imagine life without. Some people say, "I can't believe I waited so long!" Some save it for special occasions, or when they're in pain or overwhelming stress. Some prefer regular preventative maintenance, including it in their basic budget. No matter your reason, finding the right fit between client and therapist can make a world of difference. Word of mouth is the best way to keep a practice thriving. My regular and discount rates are available at any time, for any reason, your choice. I've offered this for years, and it seems to work out just right. Thank you for your support!



I plan an additional 30 minutes around the time of every massage session, for talking and changing before and after the massage. I recommend taking some time afterwards for yourself, to ground, rest, and integrate. If you prefer less additional time or have a timely appointment after your massage, please let me know ahead of time so I can make sure you're on your way at the time you need.

You will be given privacy: to disrobe completely, leave underwear on, or keep clothing on. It is always your choice. You will usually start face down on the massage table (unless we discuss otherwise), always underneath a sheet and blanket. Only then do I re-enter the room. The area of your body being worked on will be exposed one at a time, otherwise covered for comfort and professional modesty.

In the winter, I turn on a table heating pad, as well as use a heated flaxseed pack. In the summer, a sheet will always cover you, and a light blanket if you wish. If you are too warm, additional hands, feet, arms or legs can be uncovered.

Some clients chose to leave their clothes on for their session, and this is completely acceptable. Many senior clients prefer to stay clothed, still receiving the relaxation and appropriate assistance that bodywork provides. Please share your needs for greatest comfort!

I recommend saving talking for before and after the session, to allow the greatest potential for relaxation. Self healing theta brainwaves are only possible without talking. Exceptions would be if a physical issue requires back and forth feedback, or if you personally find that talking helps you relax. I will always respond to you, but I generally refrain from talking during the session.

Water helps flush out the "gunk" that is dislodged during any depth of massage, bodywork, or energywork. If possible, consider a cup (8oz) of water about once an hour, occasionally alternating water for an electrolyte replenishment, such as coconut water. Achey bodies and headaches sometimes happen and the additional fluids seem to prevent it.

Be sure to tell me if anything is uncomfortable… temperature, sounds, pressure, anything. This is your session! I love being made aware of anything I can change or adjust to make your session most comfortable. If I can't during that session, I will do my best to figure out something by the next session.

If you're a returning client, I look forward to seeing you soon. If you're a new client, I look forward to meeting you! Bodywork is a lifelong passion and gift, literally since elementary school age with my hands on friends' backs. It is an honor to share. I feel rejuvenated after massages, the energy flows so strongly. Truly a win-win!