How can someone know if they are on a similar path for themselves?

by Mija Cameto | Nov 8, 2016

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Q: How can someone know if they are on a similar path for themselves?

A: Most people look around themselves when faced with an illness. Western, alternative, there are endless possible solutions. I’ve come to understand that none are inherently right or wrong, it truly depends on individual circumstance. I’ve literally seen every extreme supported by evidence, statistics and research. One person’s antidote is another’s poison, and vice versa. There is no one way. I’ve learned a new level of non-judgment through this.

The trick is to start inside first. We can explore, get really honest and authentic, and ask for help from within. By following “frequency guidance” we can let the solution present itself. Or rather, let life orchestrate around us, bringing the perfect solution for us at that time, effortlessly. It seems bizarre at first, but then magical, and eventually quite normal.

Starting inside first means allowing and accepting feelings, fears, and allowing them to physiologically surface and pass through. Accepting and loving ourselves through them, we are being our own best friend. This was not modeled to many of us, so it’s a learning curve in itself. When ready, we can sense a desire for wellness, which is then brought to a new level, where we feel/imagine what wellness actually feels like. For me, when I’m not doing well, imagining myself doing cartwheels and genuinely laughing is goal setting for me. A client’s “go-to” is kayaking on the lake. Then, really getting into the feeling of the gratitude of experiencing such wellness, like it’s already happening. If I’m really bad off, it may be just a moment of reaching this, but I aim for it. I believe it. I know it. I imagine and marinate in these gratitude frequencies at least once a day during any recovery process.

Frequency guidance… if you remember we are consciousness first, we are then frequency beings next. Concrete life details come after. Everyone has a different space within themselves, their own language or interface or guidance. We can tune into our internal language, our preferences, what brings us joy, excitement, and what triggers us. Our internal frequency guidance system can be simplified to lower vs higher, denser vs lighter, or even yucky vs yummy. More in alignment with our true nature feels slightly better, to amazing. Less in alignment with our true nature feels slightly worse, or horrible. The spectrum in between amazing and horrible is powerful for redirecting ourselves. Step by step, something will feel a little better than something else. I was shocked when I learned that rage is a healthier frequency than shame, depression, or powerlessness, but then it seemed obvious, and it has served me ever since, in better understanding myself and others.

On this path, we become more and more familiar within ourselves, and lighter in a way. More can also come up. Perhaps deeper, more challenging, but now we are ready for it. If you feel you are on the umpteenth round of working through a particular lifelong issue, good job! We are not failing, but releasing deeper or next levels, like the layers of an onion. We can say, “I’m ready to open, to the next level of guidance.” And wow! I’m shocked lately at how fast the answers can show up! …once we are ready and state it. An example would be a long on and off struggle with suicidal ideation, that started as a medication side effect. I finally reached a point where I had been using so many great tools, and while good at using them, just didn’t like having to keep using them to get out of the dark, steep, slippery slope… again! It was exhausting. I finally said, I’m ready for the next level. And I soon after discovered that a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral basically removes the struggle for me. Mind blowing how simple, but I had to come to that point of letting go of what I knew and shift myself to receive the next solution. When we open, we can let the new come in, which helps us grow and expand. Again, it’s not always “easy,” but it’s the next step. Sometimes we feel courage. Sometimes we go into fetal position. That’s fine. Do it. Allow completely, gentle nurturing. Allowance of fetal position feels better than judgement or shame or any other negative feeling about being in fetal position. It will pass. Sooner if we simply allow it! And then… it’s go time! What’s next?

We know we’re on this path when there is increasing self love, self worth, and self acceptance. Slowly increasing our new habits as they come in literally creates a new brain, new biochemistry, and new levels of wellness.

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